Elinos Karypidis

Civil Engineer +30 694 640 9554

Alevras Maximos

Civil Engineer +30 6995 630 875

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The ALFA SIGMA GROUP team started in 2017, having extensive experience in the construction, engineering, real estate and commercial sectors, with the founder Maximos Alevras mainly engaged in the construction, construction and sales of seaside properties in Northern Greece. These projects have been guided by environmental and historical consistency towards the fulfillment of today’s changing demands.

In addition, the group has the ability through its network of partners to propose and implement business plans.

The latest news of the group is the construction of prefabricated wooden houses with energy B + class.

Human resources

Maximos Alevras Civil Engineer

Stathoulopoulos Lymperios – Pr. Businessman


Fotios Papadopoulos Architect Engineer

Fotiadis Savvas – Mechanical Engineer

Terztantanos Christos – Surveying Engineer